Geo News Live Stream Pakistan news channel information guide, television programming, talk shows and more list

Geo news live is a famous news channel having very large number of viewers live geo tv channel through which the world is increasing day by day. A fundamental reason behind the reputation of that particular news channel in Pakistan is broken these conditions of Pakistan. Every where there is bloodshed, bomb blasting, political imbalance, suicides and countless other social issues around the country.So that people can get awareness about latest updates, and that the incidents underway in the country. Normally used to make the people of Pakistan in their own language so that Urdu is literate or illiterate, elder or younger can also get it.


Geo was launched in November 2005 having its head office in Karachi. Geo News Liv mainly operated by famous Jang group play its important role in public awareness from the last decades, especially in print media in Pakistan. People prefer watching Geo location CNN and BCC, or other local channels due to its transmission in the national language Urdu. Secondly use to broadcast live talk shows sizzle on current issues that people have come to know both the positive and negative aspects of the material, but also veiled realities actually behind the truth publicly exposed.

its basically a secondary channel Geo TV, which was launched in May 2002.Geo Pakistan TV is the television network of Pakistan and has been tested by a partnership of independent media. Following the successful August 14, 2002 or we can say about the 55th anniversary of our beloved homeland Geo TV live streaming test were launched on October 1st., 2002

Living Geo is fastly growing in Pakistan and he not only had a very high among many satellite delivered TV channels Geo further that the market has a wide range of distribution because of its unique features side, the versatile and scorching live programs. Geo has a great approach and coverage of breaking news right after the occurrence .People living in other areas can learn about that with both in a short time.


The main characteristics and basic properties as well as other channels Geo whole network are given below. We can get valuable logistical and technical information on him.


The particular satellite that allows us to watch Geo News Live streaming on our televisions, desktops, laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices advance is named PAS-10 .Our legacy TVs and other electronic signals and capture these convert them to audio and video signals that we can look and here .It is just because of this satellite we can watch the live broadcast of Dunya News at the same time in the world at the same time with the same intensity.

Minute by minute live in a world Geo News is the blessing of the satellite system PAS-10. 68.5 Degree eastand download link of the band, it’s C-Band.


Live video streaming and other programs of the same network are transmitted in digital form at a frequency of about 4114 Mega Hertz with a horizontal polarity. While the rate of Geo News Live symbol is 3300 Megabytes / second; with 2/3 FEC and QPSK (auto) modulation.


According live Geo administrators and those who manage that channel their vision on the dissemination Geo TV Live is to amplify the voices of freedom fighters, promote positive and productive actions in the grass roots, to inform the public policy and the factors that affect the country’s GDP in the positive or negative direction of the Asian subcontinent scene. Samaa News broadcasts highlight social issues in culture, social issues today; national and international issues that directly or indirectly affect most of our entertainment system .To to ensure its credibility and quality stuff GEO News Live propagate transparency of responsibility and authenticity.

Geo present interesting programs, news, talk shows, morning shows, public inquiries music events and comedy entertainment shows to increase viewers. It encourages and human investment by means of human resources to meet stakeholders and its future better anchored and the main purpose of its creation too.


Mission television channel Geo News and Geo is mostly to inform people. It plays important role which local folklore against social evils and defects in many major departments. It retrograde trend of social injustice, poverty, illiteracy, humiliation of women and child labor, and many other relevant issues. Geo promotes the celebration of national and religious occasions for broadcasting live shows, TV movies and dramas on event.Geo have a promotion of dialogue as “live and let live”


“Geois a diplomatic word can be used in many directions and in many languages​​. Word scientifically geo means “world or in connection with the world” while in Urdu it simply means “to live.” In short, it can also be used in the political sense to criticize or explain through direct and indirect references. Geo TV Urdu use the command “Har Pal Geo” relevant to its name as a slogan.


dissemination in Urdu .Urdu is a national language of Pakistan. Urdu is preferable to other languages ​​such as Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Siraiki for GEO because it is the national language and has priority over other languages ​​as can speak and understand by everyone to be literate or illiterate too. Being a mother tongue of the majority of Pakistanis as a single entity, it shows the harmony between the people of a country.

Thus, we can say that Geo News Urdu are monitored, loved and considered trustworthy because of its language, authenticity and quick approach control on the latest news. As there are many other channels of news too, but only because of their limited area coverage and the particular languages, they are not as required. And because English is not understandable here in Pakistan due to lack of awareness and poor literacy rates on the other hand it is not the mother tongue of people living here Geo Urdu are preferred to them.


Geo TV Live has launched many subchannels

Geo News
Geo super


Geo Super is one of the first and trend setters sports channel of Pakistan introduced under the banner of independent GEO TV Media Corporation (IMC) Direct .GEO launched this channel for sports enthusiasts who are fond of different sports . This use of the channel to provide live and recorded coverage of sports events which are usually held.
As its name suggests literary meaning “super” that excellence .So covers great games, sports, players, ball kicking games, the brilliant performance of the sports man, etc mission of this channel is the use of broadcast games on demand unlimited fans support.


Geo TV Live TV AGG also serve local people and entertain them with programs. Programs famous TV PRESENTATION AGG are:

applause Revival
The Sahir Lodhi Show
The Shareef Show
Super Duper Gana
Hurn Das
VJ Chat Box
PunjabiВ Totay


Geo New Live telecast of use to many sizzling and information programs with anchors multi-talented, bold, brave and confident can speak and inform the public when asking questions and how to manage when someone tries to make molehills .How handle the situation in different conditions and how to address and raise the issue publicly in powerful performances and discussions
The names of famous programs and few details on some of them follow:

Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath
Aik Din Geo Kay Saath
AApas ki Baat
Awam Ki Adalat
Banana News Network
capital Talk
Chal Parha

Speaking of the capital is the most famous program live chat TV show by Geo. This program is produced by Hussain and Tafsir hosted by a fabulous man a brilliant man of words Hamid Mir. The format of the show is that it is a group of well-known discussion allowed diverse fields and politics for the people possible solution or the end result of some critical current problem in which all dialogue participants across all dimensions to bare the realities.
Aaj Kamran Khan kay Sath is also appreciated publicly show that covers daily updates round up of the day. Being a journalist Kamran Khan expert public offering in-depth analysis on current issues
Apas ki Baat Najam Sethi is hosted by who is an experienced analyst and expert on Pakistan. There are no diplomatic complex words and vague phrases in his dialogue makes its best quality is to do the cutting, to the discussion of the point on the issue and storyline together. In his show, he discusses national issues and results worldwide.
FIR is the program with a large audience. This program provides crime reports В and a detailed analysis of the crimes took place in various aspects in many parta of country.FIR is co-produced by Zeshan Shah all led and organized by Saqib Ali and Faheem siddique respectively.
Aik Din GEO Sat Kay is a very interesting program presented by the GEO network in which the GEO team spend a day with famous personalities, legends and stars belong to many areas of life. Weaving is discussed by the host Sohail Warraich of the show so to experience more personal and real information behind .Friends popular celebrities and family members of personality are also there to give their opinion about it. Therefore, it is a single program with entertaining and informative view.


In addition to many other channels broadcasting different programs are internationally renowned segments presented by GEO TV. These channels have a large number of audience inside and outside the country. Many segments with a brief description is given below:


Geo Pakistan covers all events everyday in areas regarding politics, social issues and all other events and incidents happening in Pakistan.


Updating the Geo world on all these happening in our country. This is what happens in the world is good or bad PTV positive or negative. People by sitting in their place updates on the incident everyone.


entertain its viewers in a somewhat unique and interesting by surprising Geo .We know there is a lot of tension and depression around us due to the current state of the country has also significantly responsible for the financial crisis. Thus, through, interesting facts, amazing new inventions, new records and discovered they are trying to divert attention from their viewers sad, sad and depressed.


Geo health used to broadcast programs and news on health, nutrition, disease and treatment of diseases and new discoveries in the world of drugs. Latest updates and newsletters published by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) .Latest treatments, diagnostic tests and drugs for diseases .Researches on plants and animals affect health in positive or negative direction.


In GEO TV entertainment we can watch new films from holly wood, Bolly wood and wood lollipop launched new clips and new releases from unlimited photography and modeling and other artistic and creative things artists . It also covers many other events and issues that can positively affect human mood or may divert attention for a while from their hectic routine.


Geo commercial use to present programs on business or related hiking .Prix business, financial profile of the country, high and low prices of commodities such as oil, natural gas .Fluctuation in dollar value and Pakistani currency, currency exchange rate index for the country. There are also programs on the actions and bidding companies or business projects. There are also programs on business and businessmen, live chats on their experiences.

Direct Geo TV has its many viewers and fans beyond borders. So that’s why its a special transmissions in many countries while important are given below:

Geo UK
Geo Canada
Geo Japan
Geo Europe
Geo Middle East


Mobile Geo is a unique facility provided for fans and viewers by the television channel Geo .In fact Geo TV Live is a pioneer in the introduction of its websites for mobile users so they can get updates day about anything when ever and wherever desire. It can even ease of updates even when there is a power outage at home. This convenient feature of Geo Mobile was launched in 2008 just by visiting it can get the stuff when needed.


Geo network also provide the facility of Geo Live Streaming for Internet users. If someone wants to look or any other program the television by Geo TV, then opting for the official website of Geo is live .Through this we can not only look online but can also watch previous episodes and the latest programs either live or recorded. And sometimes it happens that you are away from televisions or there is a power cut or a technical problem, then you can also use the online service Geo and happily watch the entire transmission and live on your mobiles and laptops .


Live TV is facilitated with advanced technical mechanisms are needed stuff. Just for example, there is an automation Hall Press Service News .GEO Pakistan newsroom state-of-the-art seasoned with dynamic computerized system for pace with current issues currently at Pakistan and also in the world. It’s new production department fully powered and strengthened against the transmission of new non-stop for up to 24 hours. It’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of effort behind the curtain .Live TV has a complete command on the operation of new, veiled collection of facts, assessments local folklore on public issues, screenwriting minutes minutes to make new presentable and complete manipulation of images, figures and videos about news. In order to know on the basis of the material or find the bone of contention fully approached contacts and extensive network of authorized persons to manage all at the same time as other technical activities. A lot of hard work, time and need talented people to work with software and programs to manage the daily schedule of programs and manage all the cast and crew, including news anchors all artists .


Graphic system used by the Geo News network include distribution tools for visual communication, digital graphics and advanced content management integrated business .Using platforms and media portals wireless applications it is a production of several featured software that makes possible the formation of graphics broadcasting virtual environment and rich visual tricks brand for transmission.
and video channels to scale toВ 3.2 GB / s over an optical fiber.


Sous la supervision de l’IMC (Intelligent médias Consult) une formation pluridisciplinaire spécial a été prévu pour arrondir environ 500 membres appartient à l’équipage comme les producteurs, réalisateurs, des rapports, des écrivains, des cadreurs et les éditeurs de Geo TV Network. Membres de l’équipe de cette équipe encadrante se compose de personnes aux multiples talents appartient aux chaînes de télévision et de renom tels que CNN et ARY Nouvelles ayant des appellations d’producteurs, réalisateurs, éditeurs, scénaristes, les hommes et les présentateurs caméra. Ce cours de formation de base composé de deux parties dans les lieux. Une session de formation était à Dubaï tandis que l’autre était dans la ville des lumières Karachi, au Pakistan. Durée du temps de cette formation était ronde d’environ 5 mois. Cette formation pluridisciplinaire s’est avéré très bénéfique car elle fait de la sensibilisation sur l’utilisation des mécanismes nécessaires pour faire face à la mise en place de la chaîne de télévision entièrement meublé. Il leur faire savoir comment faire le travail, la façon de maintenir l’efficacité du travail en épaisseur et mince, comment polir leurs capacités internes et la manière de coordonner et de communiquer les uns avec les autres tout en travaillant dans un travail d’équipe. La formation a été précédée en outre avec le nombre d’ateliers et de séminaires avec des rafraîchissements dans le monde entier.


C’était vraiment un gros problème pour le réseau pour obtenir popularité parmi beaucoup d’autres établis et les plus célèbres canaux expérimentés, avec des notes élevées et de téléspectateurs à travers le monde .mais juste parce que de membres dévoués du personnel, les travailleurs et les autres employeurs de court en raison de l’engagement d’une seule personne, il de qui prouvent leur personnalité et leur talent premier à tenir ce canal, puis de maintenir et d’améliorer sa diffusion au Pakistan, ainsi que dans de nombreux autres domaines de ce vaste monde. Comme nous savons que notre société est diverse multiples coutumier société de personnes ayant de religions et de milieux avec des cultures diversifiées, les mentalités et les perceptions de se tenir sur et obtenir une désignation significative dans ces conditions prouve que les efforts incessants de son personnel engagé derrière le rideau. ainsi que le réseau Geo ensemble travaille beaucoup sur l’investissement humain financièrement ainsi que volontairement .Ainsi brièvement, on peut dire que la chaîne Geo TV joue son rôle essentiel vers un avenir meilleur du Pakistan en réveillant son peuple, en les avertissant des prochaines calamités, en élargissant leur gamme mentale et d’améliorer leurs capacités de réflexion, en aiguisant leurs qualités sociales et bonté dernier mais non le moins en rétrogradant les maux sociaux et religieux qui sont gravement nuisibles pour notre salut non seulement pour nous mais aussi pour notre pays et la religion.


Vivre Geo TV en plus de servir comme une chaîne de télévision travaillant aussi seulement dans le domaine de travail social pour l’amélioration, la promotion et le salut de son peuple .GEO ourdou a lancé de nombreuses campagnes pour des personnes innocentes et simples conscients de propagandes nationales et internationales de lutte contre les , leur culture, pays, nation et de leur religion. Peu d’entre eux encore activé sont donnés ci-dessous:

Geo ou jeenay font
Geo Dost
Zara sochieay


Il est un très célèbre émission comique de Geo Nouvelles ourdou nommé Hum Sous Omeed Say Hain.
Dans laquelle les dirigeants notoires du Pakistan sont critiqués dans une drôle de façon. C’est également le cas avec Geo et Jeenay faire des dirigeants qui sont malhonnêtes à leur désignation et le public sont visés à travers elle afin de connaître les gens à faire quelque chose contre leurs actions rebelles.


Geo Urdu Nouvelles a récemment lancé la campagne «Geo Dost” dans lequel n’importe qui soit riche ou pauvre, jeune ou aîné, homme et femmes peuvent participer et peuvent faire entendre leur voix ou peuvent les rendre plus fort contre l’injustice sociale. Ces jours-ci se concentre sur la mauvaise gestion et autres défauts dans le domaine de l’éducation. Nous pouvons voir les vidéos capturées par les élèves qui montrent l’oppression et la brutalité sur les petits élèves innocents par leurs enseignants ou par l’irresponsabilité et l’absence fréquente des enseignants des écoles ou la faute dans la gestion et la construction scolaire.

Comment participer est très simple il suffit de capturer des images et des vidéos concernant le sujet et l’envoyer à l’adresse particulière. Réseau de Nouvelles Express télédiffusion il après l’avoir vérifiée. Des milliers de spectateurs peuvent alors regarder ces vidéos ou des photos sur le Live Geo Nouvelles .So qu’il peut y avoir une chance d’amélioration et pouvant générer des changements et de la révolution.


Geo Urdu Nouvelles a également lancé une campagne ZARA SOCHIEAY travailler sur le taux d’alphabétisation très faible du Pakistan comparatif pour les autres pays développés et moins développés. Ils ont réalisé des documentaires sur les personnes qui ont commencé à partir du niveau de la racine de l’herbe et obtiennent un succès remarquable seulement à cause de l’éducation dans le but d’inspirer les gens à l’importance de l’éducation. Il avoir aussi un slogan “parhany likhnay kay Siva Pakistan ka Matlab kya zara sochiey”

Par conséquent, nous pouvons dire que la chaîne Geo TV travaille beaucoup dans une large gamme pour les gens du Pakistan. C’est pourquoi il est aimé par les gens ici. Maintenant, il est également de la responsabilité de Geo administrateurs que pour utiliser ou d’orienter ce grand nombre de téléspectateurs dans le sens positif et sur ​​la bonne voie pour que notre pays obtenir plus de progrès dans tous les domaines de la vie et de compléter d’autres pays dans chaque phase.


Live News Channels


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